Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    lights manifestation of Ahl-al-Beit generous man (peace upon him)    M.Sc.    babanezhad, nasrin    2008-12-21
2    visual Bashar Ibne Bord in Bashar Ibne Bord poems    Ph.D    mahdavi ara, mostafa    2010-06-06
3    emam in book ahle beit    M.Sc.    hashempour, najmeh    2010-11-23
4    motif in the poetry of Yahia Al-Samawy motif    Ph.D    balawi, rasol    2011-06-01
5    Modernity and postmodernism in the concept of contemporary Arabic Poetry    Ph.D    Khanifizadeh, Ahmad    2011-06-11
6    An Empirical Study of the principle of equivalence in translation from Persian into Arabic    Ph.D    panam, anvar    2011-06-20
7    Technical study of Hotaia satires    M.Sc.    ghfoori, mohammad    2011-07-12
8    ups and downs of arabic poetry islam    M.Sc.    makhtumi, mohamad    2011-09-21
9    “The Study and Analysis of Contemporary Semiological Theories “ Through a Critical Approach & on Modern Arabic Literary Simples    Ph.D    haghpanah, yunes    2012-02-18
10    Technical study of praises and Lamentations of Inmate PBUH in poetry of Sayed Jafar Helli.    Ph.D    ArabBafrani, Reza    2012-07-18
11    Sufism in Arabic Contemporary Poetry With an approach to Salah \\\\\\\'Abd al-Sabur and Abd al-Wahhab Al-bayati Poetry    M.Sc.    abdollahyar, farideh    2012-10-02
12    Discussions about the understanding of the text    M.Sc.    FIROUZI, ESMAEIL    2012-10-29
13    semiotic survey of Nahj al-Balaghah    Ph.D    talebi, ensieh    2012-11-13
14    Teranslation of Surato Orubba fi Aladab Alarabi men Taha hosain ela Altayyeb saleh book    M.Sc.    firoozian, reza    2012-11-27
15    an analysis on Ebne-khaldoon\\\'s literary and social thoughts    M.Sc.    tavazoei nezhad, alireza    2012-12-17
16    styles of addrrssing in suraes civilization of holy quran    Ph.D    ramazani esfeden, reza    2013-07-01
17    The study of Kharejite’ s dialogue / discourse opposed to Quraish’ dialogue / discourse based on Linguistic Analysis    Ph.D    haghpanah, yunes    2013-09-18
18    int created    Ph.D    naghipoor kondori, masomeh    2014-01-02
19    A Comparative Study Of Conceptual Metaphor According To Add-al-Qahir-al-Jorjani & George Lakoff, s Viewpoints.    Ph.D    Askari, Fatemeh    2014-01-04
20    A review on the effect of shii thought and Iranian culture on Mahyar Deilami poetries    Ph.D    hamidifar, behzad    2014-01-22
21    The rhetoric deviation in contemporary Arabic poetry (Depending on the poems of Nazek Al-malaekeh and fadwa tawghan)    Ph.D    Sefareshi bidgoli, Hassan    2014-02-10
22    Evaluation of the Seven recitation of Holy Quran    Ph.D    keshmiri, abdolsedigh    2014-03-02
23    Manifestation of the nation in the Qur’an whit the emphasis on its historical warnings    Ph.D    mahdizadeh, mahnaz    2014-03-05
24    Music Arabic and recite the Quran    Ph.D    sarboland, mohammadmahdi    2014-08-04
25    Poetic subjects in Mo'jam AL Boldan ( A Descriptive -Analytic Approach)    M.Sc.    QASIM, SALEEM DHUYOOL    2014-12-22
26    The Comparative study in lyricism and mysticism in ebrahim najy and omar khayyam    M.Sc.    seyed mohammadi, fahimeh    2015-02-17
27    traslating the book Islam and the palestines theorem    M.Sc.    ahmadi, zahra    2015-02-17
28    semantic study of chapters mozammel and modasser    M.Sc.    HAMEED, MAJID ATIYAH    2015-02-17
29    Asceticism and mysticism in the Andalusian poetry (the era of marabouts) model    Ph.D    GHARBAWEE, HAKIM JASIM ABDOLLAH    2015-05-17
30    Intertextuality al poetical in khamriyat al sharif al aqeely and abe nuwas    M.Sc.    Al Ansari, Loay Ali Majeed    2015-09-08
31    Study of Arabic and Persian poetry symbol of birds. Persian poets: Nima Yooshij, Sohrab Sepehri, Manouchehr Atashi. Arabic poets: Khalil Hawi, Adonis, Mahmoud Darwish. Birds: owl, pigeon, crow, hawk (eagle), Phoenix.    Ph.D    arizi, hasan    2015-09-29
32    historical roots of palestine    M.Sc.    ziaee hossini, nasrin    2015-10-20
33    Shia Children's literature, Analytical Critical Research    Ph.D    toobaei, tahereh    2016-01-06
34    an analytical analysis of    M.Sc.    Al Izaybawee, Ahmed    2016-02-02
35    A study on analysis and verification of Ibn Hajjah Hamavi’s and Jalal-ul-Din Suyuti’s Bdyyat    M.Sc.    khodkameh, mohmmad    2016-02-02
36    The Satire in Egypt Contemporary Poetry(Khalil Mutran, Hafez Ibrahim, Ahmed Shawqi)    Ph.D    vahdani, zahra    2016-02-06
37    Implications Poetic Shiite In The Mamluk era In KUFI    M.Sc.    ALZUBAIDI, DHEYAA ABDULHAMZA    2016-03-01
38    self verses other in ahmad maters poetre    M.Sc.    almosowi, mohamad ali    2016-04-12
39    Translation of plants world book in holy quran    M.Sc.    abbasi, zohreh    2016-04-13
40    Search lexical and semantic word knowledge in Nahj Albalagah    Ph.D    rezaeimanesh, masoumeh    2016-04-20
41    Received the image of women when commentators Nahj AL-BALAGHE    Ph.D    JARMAD, AZEEZ    2016-08-27
42    Pilgrims in the story of Jesus son of Mary (p) deliberative study in the Quran    M.Sc.    Al-shammari, mushtaq    2016-11-08
43    The survey of impressionistic criticism roots in Mikha'il Na'ima’s criticism ideas    Ph.D    Akbari, Mahmood    2017-02-28
44    The effect of the Quranic verse in the Arabic poetry (fifth century AH)    M.Sc.    Al - Shihmani, Salam Flayyih hasan    2017-05-16
45    Review literature Mauritania stability in contemporary poetry, reading poetry Mokhtar valad Hamdn    Ph.D    sahabi, iman    2017-06-10
46    The Tendencies of Children's Tales in Iraq    Ph.D    GASIM, Saleem    2017-06-21
47    Grammatical and Morphological Efforts of ibn Eyaz Al-Baghdadi (died 681) in his Two Book : Al- Mutaraha and Al-Ta,reef .    Ph.D    Zerkan, Nadia Hashim Mohammed    2017-08-30
48    Explore Regilous political and Social and Themes In The Poetry Review Events Ahmad Shoghi    M.Sc.    heydari, leyla    2017-09-21